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Same Sex Marriages

Page history last edited by Naug 8 years, 8 months ago

Same sex marriages are now legal in all 50 states.  However, a woman in Kentucky was recently jailed for her failure to provide a marriage license for a same sex couple.  This has created some debate about whether or not this individual should have the right to follow her own personal beliefs and not give the license.  What do you think?  Was the Supreme Court correct in their ruling of legalizing all marriages?


For more information about Kim Davis (KY woman)


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wikiuser0763 said

at 8:02 am on Mar 3, 2016

I think the Supreme Court was just in legalizing all marriage. It is not fair for only a certain group of people to be allowed to marry. Keeping an entire group of people from marrying would violate that group's equal rights. Kim Davis should absolutely lose her job. She is not a "hero" in any shape or form. If her job is to provide marriage licenses for couples, she has absolutely no right to choose who she gives the licenses to. If she really has such a problem with gay marriage, she needs to quit her job so someone more qualified and competent can take her place. She has the right to believe what she wants, but her beliefs can't get in the way of her job. She has no right to impose her outdated beliefs on other people, nor does anyone else for that matter. Let people live their lives how they choose to. After all, they're not affecting your life in any way, shape, or form, and have the right to live how they'd like.

wikiuser0743 said

at 3:35 pm on Mar 3, 2016

Ugh this is a tough one because its the the law so she shouldve provided her license yet i think that law is stupid because a lot of people dont even get married and they are just simply together. So if they are the same sex and together why does it matter if it is legal or illegal. But if i was in this ladies shoes who went to jail (ew lol ) i would of shown my license because going to jail for such a stupid reason like that is crazy. So i wouldve pulled my license out real quick and gone on with my day. I dont think that is right at all. Who cares what other peoples opinions are if your happy then do you and dont let anyone get in the way of that.

wikiuser0768 said

at 9:14 am on Mar 4, 2016

I am all for same sex marriage, who am i to say that you do not love someone and cant marry? But, a law is a law and sometimes i feel they pull these stunts for no reason, it is not hard to obtain the marriage liscense or same sex liscense, im not sure about all that but if they just follow the rules there would be no problem or issue.

wikiuser0764 said

at 10:52 am on Mar 4, 2016

I think that there's a difference between "following your beliefs" and being blatantly intolerant of others. In life, there's always going to be people who do or believe things you don't. You have the CHOICE to not engage in these practices, just like they have the CHOICE to live how they want. Kim Davis is a religious woman, which would be fine, except she used her own religious beliefs to prevent others from being happy, and living their lives the way that they are legally allowed to. Religion has no place in the law, which is why The United States is a democracy, not a theocracy. No one was forcing Kim Davis to be gay or lead a gay lifestyle, and her actions were completely ridiculous, to say the least. The Supreme Court was right to make all same-sex marriages legal, and I'm honestly surprised it took as long as it did. Love is love, and it's not the government's, or Kim Davis's, business who someone decides to marry. She should've just complied with the LAW, and given the couple their license.

wikiuser0739 said

at 3:00 am on Mar 6, 2016

I think they should do what they want because it's there own privacy. Same-sex marriage is there option and it's there life. Maybe if it had something to do with money or something. Only because then they split everything in half.

wikiuser0739 said

at 10:01 am on Mar 10, 2016

Also when someone is in a relationship with the same sex they will always get judged. They don't need to tell someone if there not comfortable telling people because there shy or nervous they needon't to let them decid for there own

wikiuser0755 said

at 2:16 pm on Mar 6, 2016

I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want. For example, if marrying the same sex makes a person happy, let them do it, why would you want to take their happiness away. It is their own choice, and the fact that they are marrying the same sex does not affect your life. For example, the women that refused to marry the same sex couple, yeah sure, it was her belief that she is against same sex marriage, but she is legally obligated to marry that couple. It is illegal if she doesn't.

wikiuser0759 said

at 5:25 pm on Mar 6, 2016

I personally believe that she absolutely should have been arrested. Whether someone agrees with it or not, this is now the law, and she has to abide by it just like she does for any other law. For example, if she was doing something as simple as going 60 in a 35 just because she believed that she should be able to, she would face a fitting punishment as well. I personally am all for the legalization of same sex marriage and it genuinely baffles me that it was just recently approved. People have the right to be with anyone that they want to be with, and they should not be subject to her demeaning rejection of their marriage just because their situation didn't fit her standards.

wikiuser0740 said

at 5:48 pm on Mar 8, 2016

I believe that now that same sex marriage is allowed in all 50 states she should have brought a marriage license. now if same sex marriage was illegal and she did not provide a marriage licence i would have emphasize with her but in this case she is not above the law and should have provided a simple marriage incense. I believe that humans are just like wild animals just a little more complex. And in the wild you dont see a "gay" butterfly being penalized by the other butterflies for liking the same sex. just like wild humans i feel as though humans should have the right/freedom to chose which sex they would like to pursue in a relationship.

wikiuser0754 said

at 12:00 pm on Mar 9, 2016

I think it is unruly of her to deny someone of marriage. The couple could've gone to another marriage provider but they decided to report the KY woman instead. If it was made off of her own choice because she didn't want the same-sex couple then that should be illegal. The right to marriage has been ruled by supreme court and there is no reason she is allowed to deny the couple a marriage. She has to listen to the law as well as other marriage licensors, therefore I believe it was right for her to get arrested. The supreme court is correct in ruling same-sex marriage. I believe that it is the couples choice to be married, there shouldn't be a law denying two people to get married whether they're 2 men, 2 women, 2 transexuals, or even multicultural because we are all equal.

wikiuser0750 said

at 8:47 pm on Mar 9, 2016

I wholeheartedly disagree with the woman's decision even though I can understand from a third-party's point of view why she made her decision. She was trying to protect her religious beliefs. However, she was disgustingly inappropriate in action because we live in a society where at least the judicial branch has to make the effort to separate church and state. As a courthouse worker, she is a member of the judicial system. Her actions point to an irritating level of incompetence that makes me seethe just thinking about. Do people just go out of their way to give others a hard time or is it my imagination? At any rate, I agree with the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage because I believe--and they probably also believe this--that we're all people (for better or worse), so we should all be able to love someone with equal rights as any other couple without constraint. What bothers me about people saying that homosexuality is against God's will is that people who interpret the Bible so strictly always seem to forget that it was written by man and that God is forgiving and welcoming. Don't hide behind your religion if you won't take into account every aspect of it. On top of that, she shouldn't have cared all that much about it because providing them a marriage license is crucial yet minimal involvement in the marriage and she would probably never see them again. Therefore, she shouldn't feel like she's contributing to the marriage, but rather functioning as a worker in the judicial branch. See? It's all coming full circle now.

wikiuser0718 said

at 9:02 pm on Mar 9, 2016

Although I personally think the Supreme Court has made the wrong decision in allowing same sex marriages, I believe the woman is wrong in her denial of the license. As much as she is against same sex marriage, she chose a job in which she would have to permit people with a license therefore her opinion can not and should not effect her duties.

wikiuser0736 said

at 9:59 am on Mar 10, 2016

Legally she is obligated to provide a marriage license to the couple, and it does not matter whether she agrees or disagrees with same sex couples. Although I can understand why she resisted giving a marriage license, she is allowed to have her own beliefs and opinions whether is be personally or religious. But since it is now legal she was in the wrong to deny the marriage license in the first place.

wikiuser0745 said

at 10:02 am on Mar 10, 2016

well i just believe in freedom because we live in the US of A so i believe people should be able to be with who ever they want, they can spend their life with a goat for all i care. Though what i do disagree with is the woman being jailed for not marrying the couple because also, freedom. Jailing seems a little overkill for the crime. She has her own opinions and was defending them and you cant force people to change their opinions just because you disagree with them.

wikiuser0716 said

at 10:18 am on Mar 10, 2016

Everyone has their own right to follow their own personal beliefs, but in this case it is disgusting for her to deny something as simple as a piece of paper. Everyone will always have their own opinions on anything, they will do or say anything to make their point valid. In a work place you're not supposed to let your personal problems interfere at the workplace. Let her spend some time in jail to think about how childish she is acting. It makes no sense that she would rather go to jail then sign the paper herself or let any other employee sign the document. Guess she's loving the attention that she's getting from the news. The supreme court was right for legalizing same sex marriage. Everybody deserves happiness. I think by legalizing same sex marriage, it would help people who are against it to be more open minded and less judgmental. There will never be a day where everyone agree's on same sex marriage, we can hope but I doubt it is possible because of how much people are standing their ground.

wikiuser0735 said

at 10:40 am on Mar 10, 2016

I personally think that legalizing same sex marriage has nothing to do with the bible anymore. Giving them the right to marry their same sex if basically giving them the equality. Equality to feel loved and beloved. Working is being professional. She should give them their marriage license. It doesn't mean that you hate or don't like gay people. you can disrespect them. Hate them, or not like them still respect them as a human being. All were created equally. If you don't like gay people then why do you work for marriage licensing. You can follow your personal beliefs in other jobs that has nothing to do in same sex marriage. Because you disrespected them and they did't do anything bad to you so at least give them respect and you could gain one too. You are not only disrespecting them, but their whole community. The supreme court are right because they gave the LGBT community the freedom of being equally created. I do believe that only man and woman are the only one compatible with each other and get married in the church but in the LGBT community, they got married in a legal office but some did in the beaches and get married with a priest giving them blessings. It's just that being gay is not bad, God treats everybody equally. Like what God said, follow your heart and do good be good and God will do the rest.

wikiuser0765 said

at 11:51 am on Mar 10, 2016

People are entitled to their own opinion, I completely understand that. Not everyone will ever have the same opinion, regardless of persuasion or law. However when you deny a person's love for another, you're crossing over the line of opinion and going into different territory. You can say you don't approve of the relationship, say that you don't like it and it makes you uncomfortable, but when you physically deny the right to love someone, it's no longer an opinion. Whether or not gay people make you uncomfortable, it is not right or morally acceptable to deny them from being together. Especially in a professional/work environment, your personal opinion is invalid. The Kentucky woman was not understanding the standard of a work place, and was by all means unprofessional. Segregation is not the answer to something that makes you uncomfortable. There will always be things that will make you uncomfortable but you have to learn to deal with it. When one thing is not like the other, or when something is different we tend to isolate it. That is the issue here. If everyone got butt-hurt every time something made them uncomfortable, we wouldn't get anywhere. We wouldn't be a diverse country. Everyone would be the same. ( A.K.A: Hitler and Trump ) You have every right to be uncomfortable, and every right to your opinion, but your opinion will always differ from someone else's. It isn't your job to make everyone have the same beliefs. Humans are humans. Sexuality is not what makes one. So why is it anyone else's concern who likes who in bed?

wikiuser0724 said

at 1:45 pm on Mar 10, 2016

I believe that everyone has the right to do what they want. You can't tell someone that they can't get married. Yes everyone has there opinion but you don't always have to expression your opinion to everyone. Your feelings shouldn't be apart of what's right from wrong. You can't take away love from someone. Can't take away someones rights and freedom to prove something you believe in. That everyone else doesn't believe in. There humans they eat and sleep just like we do you can't take there love for each other away.

wikiuser0762 said

at 1:54 pm on Mar 10, 2016

I think the supreme court was right in legalizing all marriages in all 50 states as then it would be legal nationwide not just a handful of states. I think that the government should not be able to tell the citizens how and to whom they marry. Also, I believe that individuals must learn to keep their own beliefs aside from what the law allows humans to do. In the article above a woman was jailed for not legalizing a same sex couples marriage license where same sex was legal in that state before it was legal in the whole country, where as she should've followed out her job and not wear her opinions on her sleeve. In the future, we as a society need to continue to follow the nations laws and rules to the best of our ability and not let our personal beliefs get the best of us.

wikiuser0714 said

at 10:23 pm on Mar 10, 2016

I think it's ridiculous that Kim Davis thought she had the right to deny a same sex couple a marriage license. I understand it's her personal belief that same sex marriage is wrong, but just like she has the right to believe that, other citizens have the right to believe that gay marriage is okay, and she has no right to say that their opinion is wrong. Not only that, but same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states so in additionally to her decision of denying the couple a marriage license being immoral, it's also illegal. I totally agree with the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same sex marriage nation-wide. The United States is known as "the land of the free," but if it's illegal for some people to marry each other, they don't have all their freedoms. I don't understand how it took our nation this long to get to this point because I truly believe same sex marriage doesn't directly affect anyone besides those who are getting married and their families, so it doesn't make sense to me why people are so opposed to it. If it brings people happiness why would it be illegal?

wikiuser0749 said

at 7:53 am on Mar 11, 2016

I think this woman has her own right and can do what she wants. She doesn't have to let them get married in her marriage place. It would be the same think of a guy and a girl wanna get married and the lady says no you can't. Would she get in trouble than. No I don't think so. If she wroesnt want someone married in her marriage place that's her desiscion and she can do what she wants. People are to over dramatic and complain to much. They think there always right and there not

wikiuser0768 said

at 9:54 am on Mar 11, 2016

I could care less about same sex marriage, who am i to tell someone that they cant marry someone and be happy, but i do believe a law is a law and they are not special. If they are serious about getting married they should follow the proper procedures in doing so. I believe justice was done when that lady was jailed because she did not have the right to deny the proper liscense for their marraige.

wikiuser0770 said

at 9:54 am on Mar 11, 2016

In my opinion, the law is the law. Whether you like it or not, citizens should obey the law in order for everyone to have equal rights. However, I also believe everybody is entitled to their own personal beliefs. While the woman took things a little too far by not showing the licesnse, I do respect her opinion. The same would go for the other side of the argument,

wikiuser0757 said

at 9:54 am on Mar 11, 2016

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. However it is the law and she chose to be in a business where she provides marriage licenses. If her beliefs don't go along with the job, then she should find another job because as a business owner you have to treat everyone fairly.

wikiuser0712 said

at 9:55 am on Mar 11, 2016

I think that this woman had a job to do and she refused, this was all at the couples expense. That is wring of her, if she legally needs to give the license, she has been rightfully jailed

wikiuser0753 said

at 9:57 am on Mar 11, 2016

I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Kim Davis chose to work in a marriage license company, and she shouldn't have denied a same sex couple a marriage license because of her own personal opinion. She should have put aside her beliefs and gave the couple a marriage license because that's what her job is. She had no right not giving the couple their marriage license and I think the supreme court was correct in putting her in jail. She can't take away someone's rights in order to prove something that you believe in.

wikiuser0767 said

at 9:57 am on Mar 11, 2016

I believe that the women has the right to her own views and beliefs but it shouldn't infringe on the pursuit of happiness of others. The law is the law and the gay couple has the right to get married.

wikiuser0748 said

at 10:01 am on Mar 11, 2016

Everyone has the right to their own opinions and beliefs in an scenario. The decision for her to not giver the license was on her own decision merged from her own opinions and beliefs, whether it was moral or immoral. Legalizing all marriages in all 50 states creates a safety in the nation for same sex marriage, makes this case for her to not give the license is immoral, that is my opinion on this case, and I believe that the Supreme Court was correct in this decision.

wikiuser0715 said

at 10:19 am on Mar 11, 2016

I believe that people are entitled to have their own opinions, regardless of what the topic may be. Although same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, people that do not approve of this idea still exist; therefore, this incident is not necessarily something shocking or unusual. Despite the fact that people may not agree with the law, I do believe that everyone is entitled to follow it to avoid promoting more arguments and disputes. There is no way for me to state whether or not the Supreme Court's ruling was correct; the choices that other people make regarding marriage are of no importance to me.

wikiuser0772 said

at 11:46 am on Mar 11, 2016

I think that everyone has there own right to believe what they want to believe. And everyone has the power to love who they want to love. I support the supreme court in legalizing same sex marriage. I believe that the woman is right to believe what she wants to believe, but I feel that even if the woman disagrees with the same sex marriage, she should still provide a legalized license for the couple. She was the one who chose to take this job and she has to abide with the law.

wikiuser0773 said

at 12:40 pm on Mar 11, 2016

I believe everyone has their choice in whom they decided they want to marry. The government should have not been involved in the first place however im glad that its been legalized in ALL 50 states because now same sex couples have that freedom in all states. People need to stop trying to control something that cant be controlled like a male having feelings for another male its the same thing as a straight male being attracted to women. People need to be less judgemental and try to understand others views. People need to understand and appreciate difference beliefs and cultures because its only opens your mind and perspective of things.

wikiuser0730 said

at 9:37 pm on Mar 11, 2016

If a same sex couple wants to get married they should get married. Yes i think they should follow the law and get the license because it still is the law, but I am glad people are starting to be able to express who they are now a days.

wikiuser0738 said

at 10:27 pm on Mar 11, 2016

This woman has a duty to issue the license. She is getting paid, most likely hourly, to give out marriage certificates. Legally, same sex couples are allowed to have a marriage license just as a man and a woman getting married are entitled to. All personal views should be put aside in the work place and at the end of the day her job is her job, whether she likes it or not. She accepted the job to give marriage certificates out so when the law allows same sex marriage she needs to abide by it. If an ice-cream parlor served ice-cream to all people but refused to sell to a 6 yr old girl because she had blonde hair and was young that would be the same situation. In this case though it gets more attention because same sex marriage has been a big debate for years now and everyone has their opinions and lets those views affect the jobs they are being paid to do.

wikiuser0722 said

at 10:42 pm on Mar 11, 2016

I do agree with the supreme court's decision to nationally legalize same sex marriage because i think the ability to marry the person you love is a basic human right no one should be deprived of. Additionally i believe the Kentucky had no right to deny same sex couples to that basic right no matter what her own personal beliefs are. As a government employee her job is not to impose her own religious beliefs on others considering the first amendment and what not.

wikiuser0733 said

at 11:50 pm on Mar 11, 2016

I agree with the supreme court's decision because all humans have the right to love and marry whoever they want. I believe that it shouldn't matter because love is love. Even if you disagree with their beliefs, the Kentucky woman shouldn't have been denied them the marriage license. People should always put their beliefs to the side in a work setting.

wikiuser0729 said

at 10:22 pm on Mar 12, 2016

I believe that the supreme court made the right decision. It shouldn't matter what gender you are if you love someone you should be with them. that lady had to right to refuse to give them a marriage license, if you're mad get over it it's the new law and that is your job, don't like it quit. it's not like she knows them so she'll never even see them around. i honestly don't understand how people could be mad about it, if you don't like it look away. i'm sure they would understand if people were to get mad at them for being with the one they love. it can be hard for people and no one truly understands , and yet more people come out despite the hate they'll get. honestly how could you get mad over someone loving another person?

wikiuser0719 said

at 1:05 pm on Mar 13, 2016

I agree with the supreme court's decision you should follow the law and provide a license to them. If you are in love with someone of the same sex then it is your choose no one should be able to take that away from you and your loved one. Im glad that its been legalized in all 50 states but that fellow person has the rights to her own personal beliefs but they should be able to provide a license.

wikiuser0761 said

at 6:54 am on Mar 14, 2016

I agree with the supreme court's decision because everyone should have equal rights and opportunities, which includes who he or she wants to marry. No one should be able to tell you that you cant marry someone you love. It was inevitable that it would be legalized in all fifty states. With this said people also have the right to follow their own personal beliefs and religion but if it is your job to provide a license you have to no matter what your beliefs are. That is your job and if you cant do it then get a different job because not providing a gay couple a marriage license is now against the law.

wikiuser0731 said

at 8:39 am on Mar 14, 2016

I believe that the supreme court is right. You should follow the laws and rules to get married. I get it if you really love that person and you want to show it go ahead and get marriage. so then you can get your license for marriage. I understand some people might say that they don't need papers to show that they love someone but you need to follow the rules. Because if you don't then you will have to suffer the consequences. She should of put her beliefs aside in the work setting because therefore that would of not happened to her.

Naug said

at 10:23 am on Mar 14, 2016

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