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AIDS Quilt

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The AIDS quilt is designed to provide a creative way to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS.  It also provides individuals the opportunity to create a memorial to remember lost loved ones.


You will create your own pattern to educate, pass on a message, or remember a victim of AIDS.  Your quilt must be at least the size of a small poster.  You can view some patterns from the real quilt by going to their website. 




Overall Quality of Work-                                                          75 points

How neat is the work                                                               25

Creativeness                                                                           25

Presentation (how your work is viewed)                                  25

Provided Information-                                                              25 points

          Based on fact and truth                                                           15

          Uses appropriate language and terms                                    10



This is a 100 point project…for every ONE day it is late, it will result in a 20 point reduction of your overall grade. 




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