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HIV Man Charged

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HIV-positive man charged in N.J. with sexual abuse


Tomas Dinges/The Star-Ledger By Tomas Dinges/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger
on December 04, 2012 at 1:11 AM, updated December 04, 2012 at 8:34 AM 


roselle-park-union-county-courthouse.JPG Union County's Superior Court in Elizabeth in this 2012 file photo. Aristide Economopolous/Star-Ledger


ROSELLE PARK — An HIV-positive former resident of Roselle Park was charged with numerous counts of sexual abuse and failing to disclose his illness Friday following a joint investigation with Florida police, officials said.


Edwin Antonio Flores-Solano, 46, is charged with abusing a 17-year-old girl beginning in 2008 when she lived in Roselle Park, police said.


The abuse lasted through early 2012 even as the girl moved to Florida, said township police spokesman Sgt. Theodore Dima.


Flores-Solano was charged last week in Deltona, Fla., with committing unlawful sexual acts and not informing the victim he was HIV-positive, and is being held on $25,000 bail, Dima said.


Investigators then gathered evidence in New Jersey to charge him in the state Friday with sexual assault, sexual assault by force and committing acts of sexual penetration knowing that he was infected with HIV, Dima said.

Bail was set by a Superior Court judge in Union County at $400,000.


BESIDES, the charges of abuse, does he deserve the additional charges about his failure to disclose his HIV status?  Should it matter if the victim has in fact been infected with the HIV virus or not?  Please explain your opinion.

Comments (12)

wikiuser0230 said

at 10:20 pm on Dec 11, 2012

I believe that he does deserve the additional charges about his failure to disclose his HIV status because it is an important issue. It is important to spread awareness about the virus in order to keep more people from being infected. Therefore, it was necessary to charge Edwin so that other people will refrain from committing unlawful sexual acts when infected with HIV. I believe that it doesn't matter if the victim was infected or not because the Edwin had knowledge of carrying the virus put still proceeded to continue with the acts he committed.

wikiuser0235 said

at 10:59 am on Dec 13, 2012

Yes i believe he should disclose about his HIV status because he might of infected the girl with the virus. She now might now be able to live a normal life if she has become HIV positive. The girl now has to be careful and disclose the fact that she is HIV positive to all her partners in the future which would leave a horrible scar for her. That the person she is intimately involved with might reject her for having HIV. This will dramatically affect her social life and personal life with the people around her. For the man, i really belive that he should be charged additional charges for not telling the police about his condition, because the longer the police didn't know the longer the HIV will be in the girls body manifesting itself. This also will be bad that they didn't know and they should if needed to be starting the treatment and medicine for the girl.

wikiuser0239 said

at 11:12 am on Dec 13, 2012

He does deserve the charges for not telling the girl about his HIV. He could have easily infected her and because of that he should be charged with everything else as well as not disclosing his HIV status. In order to stop spreading it people need to get them selfs help and also warn others that they are infected. It should matter if the victim has been infected with the HIV virus because it could be a matter of life and death. I think finding out if the vitctim was HIV positive or negative is one of the most important issues in this case. Even though he sexually abused her, it still was a situation where the fact of him being HIV positive was very important--especially for the victim to know regardless of her choice to be intimate with him or not.

wikiuser0238 said

at 11:20 am on Dec 13, 2012

I think he deserves the additional charges about his failure to disclose his HIV status because it is something that can harm another person if it becomes serious. This girl would be affected badly by this virus if she may get it, but she may never know that she could possibly even be affected. He should have stated his status because it could cause damage toward the girl. Even though he doesn't have to tell anyone, I believe that if you do put the other person at risk for getting the disease, they should be warned and aware that you have/carry the disease and that the victim could possibly receive the virus as a result. I don't think that it matters if the victim has been affected or not because the abuser still put the victim at harm either way.

wikiuser0232 said

at 11:49 am on Dec 14, 2012

He should definitely be charged more. Not only has he sexually assaulted a girl, (that alone is a traumatic experience that probably has caused serious pain to her), but he has potentially infected her with HIV. Adding to the emotional terrors that must be horrifying, he could have infected he with a disease that could end her life prematurely, and could have haunted her her entire life. She could have possibly infected other partners, and her children in the future. The offender should get additional punishment for even adding in the possiblilty that she could have been infected with HIV, let alone has it as well.

wikiuser0244 said

at 7:04 pm on Dec 16, 2012

This man has knowingly, and forcibly infected an innocent girl with a fatal virus, yes he should be charged more. Now he hasn't only affected her mental heath, but potentially her physical health as well by giving her something that she can never forget about, and will stay with her for the rest of her life. Even if the victim has not been infected he still put her at risk multiple times, and the fact that it was unwanted sexual contact makes the situation worse.

wikiuser0245 said

at 9:00 pm on Dec 16, 2012

Whether or not the victim was infected is completely irrelevant in this situation. The only thing that counts is that she was exposed. That's what the law should deal with: exposure, not result. It's a matter of intent, and he clearly had no intent to protect her from his virus. Therefore, additional charges are clearly appropriate.

wikiuser0229 said

at 10:21 pm on Dec 16, 2012

Of course it matters. Putting aside the age of the people in the article, it is wrong to keep such a life altering risk from a person that you are putting in danger. Sex is supposed to be 50/50, trusting each other, something that should never be taken lightly, and by concealing something that can kill your partner is disgustingly wrong. He did not give her the choice to continue with sex and take that risk with the right knowledge, he made that decision which tiped the scales. He deserves all the charges he is given, and an example should be made of him.

wikiuser0248 said

at 10:27 am on Dec 17, 2012

If he knew about his illness, he should have definitely been charged for failure to disclose his HIV status. Even if the victm was not infected, they are still being put at risk. Although emotionally scarred, her life was potentially put at risk and he would have been responsible. Infected or not, she was still put at risk and he should be charged.

wikiuser0249 said

at 11:13 am on Dec 17, 2012

i think he should be punished no matter what. it doesnt matter if the victims where infected or not its still a sick and cruel crime. this man should be liable for any future health problems with the victims even if it has nothing to due with him thats my thought on the subject

wikiuser0237 said

at 6:19 pm on Dec 17, 2012

I think he should certainly be charged for not telling her about his illness; and on top of that, if she was to be infected with the virus I think he should be required to give her some amount of compensation for her medical bills at the very least.

wikiuser0240 said

at 10:52 pm on Dec 17, 2012

I believe that no matter what, he deserves to be punished. In general it doesn't matter if the victim was infected or not because he kept this disease away from his partner when this is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. HIV can kill and he should of been more responsible.

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