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Unplanned Pregnancy Discussion

Page history last edited by Naug 11 years, 6 months ago

NJ law states that individuals who are underage, DO NOT require parental consent.  Should abortions remain legal without parental consent?  Should men have a say into the decision? 


Also, in the NJ, there is no time frame on legal abortions.  Should there be?  Should there be a limit on the amount of abortions one is allowed to have?  

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wikiuser0766 said

at 4:02 pm on Feb 13, 2016

I believe that abortion should still be legal without parent consent. However, I believe that in most circumstances a minor who wants an abortion should talk to their parents or legal guardian about the situation if at all possible. As for the man who got the woman pregnant, he should have a say in what happens, but the ultimate decision is up to the woman who is carrying the baby. I believe that there should be stricter rules enforced for abortions. I don't believe an abortion is always the best option but I also believe it shouldn't be eliminated entirely. I would agree with putting a time frame on abortions and/or limiting the number a woman can have. Specifically, I'm not sure if I can state exact numbers for either of those but I believe the less abortions the better and this option shouldn't be taken advantage of.

wikiuser0723 said

at 1:13 pm on Feb 17, 2016

I think abortions should remain legal without parental consent. I think it may be embarrassing for some young women to let their parents know they need an abortion. Also if they are old enough to make the decision to have sex they are old enough to make the decision to have an abortion. In other cases a parental consent may not be an option and an abortion is needed. So by allowing these young girls to go on their own we are giving them the freedom to make the decision by themselves. I think there should be a time frame in which you are allowed to get a legal abortion. You should only be allowed to get an abortion in the first or second trimester. I think the baby is too big of a human being to kill in the third and I think if you were going to make the decision you could have made it in the first 6 months. I think there should be a limit of abortions you are allowed to get. For a women that was raped majority of the time that will not happen again, but some women use abortions as a form of birth control and abuse their right to do so.

wikiuser0734 said

at 5:47 pm on Feb 18, 2016

I think abortions should be legal without parental consent in NJ because there are many different scenarios that could have happened in the case. When it comes to the men, I feel that they should have a say in the abortion taking place because it is in fact their child too. I understand the fact that they are not the ones who have to deliver the baby, but they still should have the parental right. I think if the father of the child wants to keep the baby and has a stable place to live, the baby could just go to the father. Of course that would bring up child support and all that, but that is a discussion for another time. I am totally against abortion because I feel that no matter what the scenario is it is not the baby's fault. There are also other alternatives than getting an abortion, such as adoption whether it be open or closed. I think there should be a limit on abortions too so it is not abused.

wikiuser0747 said

at 7:58 pm on Feb 19, 2016

I think it should remain legal without parental consent because at the end of the day it isn't the parent who will need to raise the kid, it would be the individual. It is the individual's choice of what to do with their own body. As for men having a say, I feel the same way as with the parents. It is not them that have to carry the baby for nine months and that have to deliver the baby. I do believe that the men and parents opinions should be put into consideration but at the end of the day it should be the woman's choice. I believe that there should be a limit on the amount of abortions someone has. A person shouldn't be allowed to have abortions to close together. I feel like that can be harmful to someone's body. But if it is spread apart then I don't see why there should be a limit. I don't think a time frame on abortions is necessary. The person should do it whatever time suits them.

wikiuser0720 said

at 11:35 pm on Feb 21, 2016

I don't know if abortions should be legal at all. An abortion kills what is going to be a person because the parents of that child decided to have unsafe sex. I say this, yet would I want an abortion an abortion if I got my girlfriend pregant now? yes i would. Having a child while a teenager ruins your life in the short term, but the child gets to live. I think that plan B, abortions for medical reasons, and rape pregnancies should be the only types of abortion legal. Rape victims should not have to be able to give birth to a kid that wasn't their fault. Also if the mother is in danger an abortion for medical reason is okay. The man should have some type of say in the matter if abortions were legal. I don't think they should be legal and I think that the reason for abortions is that its my body I could do what I want with it isn't right. You made the decision to have unsafe sex. Once your pregnant, that baby growing inside of you isn't you anymore, its another human being that has a right to live. The only exceptions are rape and medical reasons.

wikiuser0728 said

at 11:32 pm on Feb 22, 2016

Abortions without parental consent should be legal, but I would hope there is some representative there that can help a minor understand the actions she is taking. The need for parental consent can be a mistake if family values or religion come into play. Its possible that a minor isn't safe in a household if they are pregnant, so perhaps it should be suggested that a parent is told, but it should ultimately be up to the person getting the abortion what decision is made and who knows about it. I understand where people are coming from with the "Well if its rape, its okay, but other than that no" argument- but I think its really harmful to dictate who "deserves" to get an abortion. I read somewhere that if a woman needs to be raped to justify an abortion, you are saying that her body needs to be dominated by a man for her to gain control of it. I don't like abortion. I don't know anyone who does. But its an important option for women to have in a variety of different circumstances, and I don't think its fair to dictate who has the right to make that decision.

I'm not sure how I feel about men having a say in abortion. Fatherhood is important to, but its also dangerous to think that a man can force a woman to carry a child she doesn't want. It doesn't seem fair that he doesn't have any say at all though either... I guess I would say that the father deserves to be informed about it in some cases, but shouldn't be able to decide whether a woman carries the child or not. I don't know how that would work as a law though, either.

I don't know if you can put a limit on abortions if you are going to continue to have them. Its a shame that some people have multiple abortions that could have been avoided, but if they are really that careless, is it best to punish them by bringing a child into the world that will suffer from their neglect?

wikiuser0763 said

at 8:32 am on Mar 3, 2016

I believe abortion should remain legal for underage girls without parental consent. Having a child as a teenager can ruin your life. While the father can leave the picture, it's not so easy for the mother to do so. Having a baby as a teenager can ruin a teen mom's future, and they should be given the choice of aborting the child without having to obtain their parents' consent. I believe that men have some say in a woman's decision to get an abortion, but the decision is ultimately her's. I don't believe male lawmakers have the right to make strict laws about abortion though, like they do now in many conservative states. I believe abortion should be legal until the development of the fetus' nervous system and the point of gestation, which, according to many professionals, is 24 weeks. However, over 90% of all abortions occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, and less than 2% of abortions occur after 21 weeks, so this is not a realistic problem. The only cases abortion should be allowed in after 24 weeks is cases of rape, incest, fetal development issues, or the life of the mother is at risk. I also believe there shouldn't be a limit on how many abortions a woman is allowed to have. I have never heard of a case where a woman "abuses" her right to an abortion, meaning she has gotten multiple abortions. Many women who have abortions only do so once or twice, and I highly doubt there has ever been a case where a woman has received multiple abortions. Even if a woman did choose to have multiple abortions, it is her right to do so. After all, forcing a woman to give birth to a child she does not want is not only unconstitutional and extremely immoral, but also unfair for the child, who will most likely grow up neglected and unwanted. Even if abortion was outlawed, abortions wouldn't stop. Many women would turn to back-alley abortions, which would then increase the injuries and deaths of women, thus harming and taking more lives.

wikiuser0754 said

at 12:17 pm on Mar 9, 2016

Abortion for underage females should remain legal. Without a source of support like income/housing/needs for the baby, it is hard to raise the baby in a good environment. Abortion is a touchy subject due to religion but some people don't follow their religion well or don't follow a religion at all. Therefore, if a female becomes pregnant unexpectedly, she should have the choice of abortion at any age. Men shouldn't have say but they should talk to the SO that has become pregnant due to his lack of condom or self-control... I mean, the guy could've just masterbated instead of having sex and we wouldn't have this problem now would we.. There should be some sort of limit, whether it be a time frame, or how many you can have ever. As long as the abortion system isn't taken advantage of by younger people.

wikiuser0744 said

at 8:06 am on Mar 16, 2016

i think that abortions should be legal because its your choice. but i think you should still be able to talk to your parents about it. but if you dont want to talk to them you don't have to. also it was your fault that you had a baby now its time to either keep it or put it up on adoption. also if you knew that you would have been pregnant you should have taken plan b so you wouldnt have to go through any problems. Also it seem like Being a teenager and having a kid sucks because your going to have problems Also your going to have to be more responsible because your going to have a kid, you cant go out and party like all your friends. your going to have to what what you are doing one wrong think can affect your baby, Also teenagers can strugle on raising the baby because they might not have a steady flowing job or they might not be prepared yet or even better yet, they might not even have a job to support the baby, as of a grown adult that has their own place and living on there own they can afford the baby. there are some things to think about in this kind of situation.

wikiuser0750 said

at 8:50 am on Mar 16, 2016

Trying to imagine oneself in this type of situation is difficult. I like how not requiring parental consent for an underage person to have an abortion maintains a person's right to their own body. However, even with this law in place, the parents still may be condescending of the abortion and most likely would be relied on for transportation to an abortion clinic. There are a lot of variables to consider, including who the father of the unborn child is, the personal beliefs of the parents (even more so if called on for transportation), the personal beliefs of the pregnant girl, how strict the beliefs of the aforementioned people are, etc. On the other hand, because of these variables, a possible limit to a number of abortions would be a very gray area. If a woman has had multiple abortions--let's say 4 in a hypothetical case--it would be easy to see that the woman may be treating abortions like birth control (only after a pregnancy has taken place, which in turn means that abortion prevents the middle and late stages of pregnancy). To that effect, the person may be using abortion as a last resort or to make up for a mistake in or being unprepared in applying birth control during sexual intercourse. In all, knowing a person has had multiple abortions could imply that they are using abortion as a means of escape from responsibility that could come with sexual intercourse and the power of the right to one's own body. However, there are so many variables and circumstances that it is hard to say for sure if there should be a limit or not, whether or not special conditions should apply, and by extension how to prove the circumstances required to fulfill special conditions if they were put into place.

wikiuser0751 said

at 12:31 pm on Mar 22, 2016

I think having this law in place is beneficial and very progressive. It allows the minor to make decisions about her body for in the long term, protecting her future if she knows or thinks her parents would not approve. While it's a good thing that an abortion can take place if the pregnant girl so chooses, I still believe because of the weight of such an immense decision, she should discuss all of her options with her parents, the would-be father of the baby, a counselor, and a doctor. I know that no one in this situation, however, looks at this as any easy decision or takes it lightly. Regardless of an individual's decision, abortion without the consent of the parent should remain legal. I also do believe, that if the would-be father is involved in the girl's life or is at all involved in the pregnancy passed the sex aspect, he should at least have it be discussed with him. Ultimately, with his feelings considered, it is up to the one who is pregnant- not who got her pregnant. The time frame limit really shouldn't be imposed on the abortions because there isn't just one or two reasons why a woman would get an abortion at all, especially late in her pregnancy. What if her pregnancy is unhealthy with many complications, or her husband leaves her with no support after her 17th week, or what if her boyfriend is abusive? There are many factors that I myself, the government, or anyone for that matter have no to right to judge or to determine what is best for a woman who needs an abortion. And I say needs because truly no one wants an abortion. Additionally, to go off of that statement, that is why there really shouldn't be a limit on number of abortions either. There are so many different factors: rape, ectopic pregnancy, abuse, death of the baby in the second trimester. So many different reasons, none of them being for fun. I highly doubt there are many women anywhere that would happily have to go through more than 1 abortion. A number limit is unnecessary.

wikiuser0741 said

at 1:04 pm on Mar 26, 2016

I believe that abortions should be legal for underage females WITH parental consent and supervision. It's a very serious decision and no matter how mature you are, there's always room for advise and guidance. Your parents raised you and they are your first hand examples of how child care isn't all so easy. They have the experience and knowledge and making a decision like this needs other peoples opinions, not your friends opinions. I think they should be required to come with the child to the scheduled abortion and be there when the child comes out. Men should have no say in the matter, it is not there body and the woman is not their property. It is up to the woman and the woman only to make the decision. Although I believe it should be legal, I also believe there should be a limit as to how many abortions a woman should have. I'm not trying to say they should have punch cards and count how many they have gotten, but abortion clinics are not factories. You should not abuse the power they have.

wikiuser0757 said

at 7:11 pm on Apr 1, 2016

I think abortions should remain legal without parental consent. Some underage females may find it embarrassing to let their parents know they need an abortion or they don't have parents who are around very often so consent may not be a possibility. If they made the decision to have sex then I believe they are old enough to make the decision to have an abortion. I also believe that although it may be unfair that men do not have a say in whether the women should or should not have an abortion it is ultimately the women's body which makes it her decision. I think there should be a time frame in which you are allowed to get a legal abortion. You should only be allowed to get an abortion in the first or second trimester because this gives you plenty of time to make a decision before the baby is almost fully developed. I think there shouldn't be a limit of abortions you are allowed to get.

wikiuser0753 said

at 7:55 pm on Apr 1, 2016

I think it should be legal without parental consent. i think it is the couple's choice whether or not they want to have sex and no one else's. I think it should be their choice whether or not they would want to have an abortion. I don't think a woman's mother should be in charge of what she wants. If she wants the baby she should be able to keep it, if not then she should be able to have an abortion without anyone telling her what to do. I think if a woman thinks she is old enough to have sex, she should be old enough to decide what happens to her if she does get pregnant. However, there should be a limit to how many abortions a woman can have. I think men can voice their opinion, but in the end, it is the woman's body and she should be able to do whatever she feels is right for her and the baby. There should be a time frame on when the woman can have an abortion. I think that it should be taken place before the third trimester since the baby isn't completely developed at this time, however I think there should be a limit on how many abortions a woman gets.

wikiuser0764 said

at 10:18 am on Apr 5, 2016

I believe that abortions should remain legal without parental consent because some households are very critical of teenagers that get pregnant. If that person is still a minor, it can create an extreme amount of discord in the family, and it can become an issue of the parent forcing the teen into going through a pregnancy that the teen does not want. This can lead to a neglectful life for the child, and a ruined life for the mother, especially if there is no father present. As for men having a decision in the matter, I still don't really think they should. I think their wishes should perhaps be considered by the woman, but ultimately the final decision should always remain with the woman, because it would be HER body actually going through the intense changes that come with carrying a child to term. I don't think that males should have the power to dictate what a woman does with her body. I think there should be a limit on the time frame in which one can have an abortion, but I do not think that there should be a limit on how many abortions one can have. Up until a certain point, the fetus is not a living person. If the fetus does not have a heartbeat, it is not a living, breathing human. I think if the pregnancy is terminated before this point, it is acceptable. If the pregnancy is terminated after this point (and not for an emergency medical reason) I don't think it's alright to do. Also, if you put a limit on how many abortions someone can get, it further harms the living conditions in already low income areas. No one *wants* to have an abortion. It's physically exhausting, painful, and plenty of people feel guilty about it. However, in areas where prostitution is required for survival and/or where rape happens often, it would be extremely detrimental to those women if they could not have as many abortions as they might need, because sex is, unfortunately, a business, and not everyone can afford to raise a child.

wikiuser0759 said

at 6:56 am on Apr 7, 2016

While this is a touchy topic, and I remain on the fence with certain aspects of this topic, I believe that abortion should be legal without parental consent. I also believe that while they should obviously discuss it and try to work it out with the men, they do not deserve a legal say in it either. When it comes down to it, all of the stress and effects of pregnancy are being put on the woman's body and her body alone. She is the one who will have to go through the nausea, pain, and the physical childbirth. It is her say whether she wants to do that or not, ESPECIALLY if the pregnancy is a result of rape; she should not have to be put through that. While there is no legal time frame in NJ, I am not sure of the specific science of when an embryo is considered a human being, there should be some kind of time frame. Also, there should be some kind of limit on the amount of abortions if the women are continuously being reckless and having unprotected sex, because they are just being irresponsible. But, that is only a very extreme case. Usually, I feel that the amount would never be over 2 or 3 attempted/completed abortions.

wikiuser0717 said

at 7:56 am on Apr 7, 2016

If parents were aloud to have a say on the manner, it will only muck things up.

Sometimes the parents will be cool and let the pregnant person at hand decide, but most times the parents will not be cool. They might have a bias decision (or both might have different opinions and then all debate Heck breaks loose) and will dictate the decision. It's the pregnant persons body, and she should have a say in the decision.

Men might also muck things up, but not by a lot.

wikiuser0716 said

at 9:33 am on Apr 7, 2016

In my opinion I think that the law should stay the same that under aged kids DO NOT require parental consent. There are some people that are open to telling their parents compared to others that are terrified on what could happen, what their parents would do if they found out about the pregnancies or what they would say. There are situations where an individual has been sexually assaulted and wants to terminate the pregnancy. Men should have a say on the decision about the situation, men would say their opinion either way. I would have to say that I am 50/50 if there should be a time frame on legal abortions. Half of me says it would possibly be easier to terminate the pregnancy in the early stages before the mother is very invested with her emotions to the baby. The other half of me can't imagine how difficult it is to make a decision so soon. If they decide that they need more time to think then that's their choice but they need to realize that the further the baby develops the more that it feels. Again, it's completely up to what they want to do, something like this can't be easy. There should be a law where there is a limit on the amount of abortions one is allowed to have. I've heard stories of people not using the protection and just going to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy multiple times and to me that is not okay.

wikiuser0770 said

at 7:38 am on Apr 8, 2016

I believe abortions should be legal without parent consent. It is the persons body and that individual should be responsible for their own choices. I do believe the men should have a say in the decision because it is his baby as well even though he does not have to go through the pregnency. However there should be a law to limit the amount of abortions one is allowed to have . If one is constantly putting themselves in that situation, they are just being irresponsible.

wikiuser0773 said

at 7:40 am on Apr 8, 2016

In my opinion i dont think it should require parental consent because its not fair for the child have to go through birth however , I do agree they would have some special education or therapy so they can better protect themselves and know how to avoid being pregnant again. I dont believe men should have any say because he is not carrying the baby and he will not be going through all the changes a women/ girl has to go through. I would like to say it should have a limit of times to get an abortion but at the same times , a female will find another way of aborting their child which will probably be unsafe. Everyone thinks and sees abortion differently so we need to just let the person do what they have to do because at the end of the day , its the persons decide and problem on what they do to their own bodies and the government shouldnt be too much involve with that.

wikiuser0749 said

at 7:41 am on Apr 8, 2016

I think it is okay for people under the age of 18 to make a decision about if they wanna have an abortion or not. It's not anyone else's choice but there's. I think anyone should be able to have as many abortions as they want as long as they don't have to many. Like 1 or 2 is okay but not like 15

wikiuser0765 said

at 9:02 am on Apr 8, 2016

Abortion should still be legal without parental consent. The situation can become dangerous for a minor who becomes pregnant. There can also be situations like rape, and being too young to have/carry a baby. Men should not have a say in the decision. It's not their body, it's not their decision. There also should not be a law as to how many abortions a woman can have. If it exceeds the average, there should be background checks or some indication as to why this is going on. But it should never have a cap. Just in case the relationship that they are in is abusive and life threatening.

wikiuser0768 said

at 10:12 am on Apr 8, 2016

i believe that abortion should remain to be legal without consent because sometimes the girl is ashamed to tell her parents. I also believe its the girls choice if they want to have the baby, no one should be able to tell them that they have to carry that in them for 9 months. Sometimes an abortion is good to do because that person doesnt have the funds to parent that child and adoption is a stressful process

wikiuser0748 said

at 10:38 am on Apr 8, 2016

I believe that abortions should remain legal without parental consent as it is rightfully the females choice for the decision. She however should tell her parents and get counseling afterwards as an abortion can be very emotional for the female. Males in my opinion should have the option to giver their opinion but ultimately it is the females choice for the decision.

wikiuser0715 said

at 11:53 am on Apr 8, 2016

I believe that abortions without parental consent should remain legal, given that the people responsible for the occurrence of the pregnancy were not the parents. It is generally difficult to state whether or not men should have a say in the abortion. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy may or may not have been planned, and a man's decision will vary due to those circumstances. If I had to come to a decision on this however, I would probably say that the right to an abortion belongs solely to women, as they should be in control of what happens to their bodies. I am unsure of whether or not limiting the number of abortions is a good/bad idea, mainly because there are many reasons why someone may have the need to get multiple abortions. One person may have perfectly understandable reasons for receiving more than one abortion, but another person might just abuse the system.

wikiuser0712 said

at 2:21 pm on Apr 8, 2016

I believe that it should stay as it is, because if you think about it, whether you are 18 or not doesnt matter, your parents dont have a say in what you do with your potential child or a newborn. Men don't have a say in the decision and it should stay that way as well because they had the decision to put themselve in a possible position like that, because you cant control another person, only yourself and your actions.

wikiuser0714 said

at 2:39 pm on Apr 8, 2016

I believe abortions should remain legal without parental consent. If it's your body an abortion should be your decision, not your parents. Although I think women should talk to men about their decision to get an abortion, I don't think men should have a say in it. Again, it's the women's body who will have to go through the entire pregnancy and birth, so it should be fully her decision. I think a restriction on the time frame of a legal abortion would be hard to enforce. Therefore, I believe there should be no legal time period, but there should only be certain circumstances where late abortions should be performed. If there's a medical emergency where the mother or the baby's life may be in danger, I believe they have the right to have an abortion. If they make abortions at a certain point in the pregnancy illegal, women will continue to get them, but the will not be carried out safely, so it may be more beneficial to continue to have no time period. I think there should not be a limit on the number of abortions you're allowed to have because medical emergencies happen and women will continue to get abortions whether it is legal or not.

wikiuser0758 said

at 5:57 pm on Apr 8, 2016

I think it should stay legal because some parents or family members may have a big problem with their daughter having an abortion and may not give them consent which isn't fair to the girl who is pregnant because it's her body and her choice. I think men should talk with their partner or non partner to see which idea they could agree on but in the end it should be the womens choice because it's a difficult 9 months that they're gonna have a human growing inside them, not the man. I think their should be a time frame i think you should get an abortion before the fetus can feel pain so it isn't inhuman. I think their shouldn't be a number of how many abortions you can get because what if a girl gets pregnant 5 times and you can only get 4 abortions it's not fair to her to force her to have a baby and she would probably get an abortion in an illegal way.

wikiuser0755 said

at 7:57 pm on Apr 8, 2016

Personally, I don't think a minor would need parental consent in order to get an abortion because it is your body, you should have a say in what goes on. And the question if men should have a say or not is very debatable, but PERSONALLY I think the father should have a say in whether or not they get to keep the baby. I know the woman has to do all the work for 9 months and months after that, but if a guy wants the baby, he is 1/2 the reason it is happening. Idk its weird. NJ should not have a timeframe I think, but why would someone want to get an abortion at 8 months. Like you went through all that work for nothing.

wikiuser0730 said

at 10:21 pm on Apr 8, 2016

Yes abortions should remain legal without parental consent. It should remain legal without parents consent because for some families it is a big deal to have sex before marriage, and also i think you should be able to have a say in what happens because it is your body and you made the decision. I think the man should be able to have a say about the option but i mostly think the woman should have the final say in what happens. Yes i think there should be a time frame on when you should be able to have an abortion because by the third trimester the baby would be to big. I think the time frame should range between 1-5 months.

wikiuser0762 said

at 10:37 pm on Apr 8, 2016

I believe abortions should remain legal without parental consent because it is still the persons body that the baby would be aborted from although I feel the doctors should advise to have the individual talk to their parents as well as possibly use counseling as it is a very emotionally stressful situation. I believe that men should not have a say in the abortion decision as the woman is the one having the baby although I believe the woman should be encouraged to include the man in the decision. I believe there should be no limit but I do believe that after a few a doctor or counselor should meet with the woman and try to help that person and see why so many of the pregnancies are not being carried out.

wikiuser0729 said

at 4:05 pm on Apr 9, 2016

I think that you shouldn't require parental consent because some parents won't be okay with it, some will freak out and it could just be bad. I think the male should have little say not much because the baby is partially theirs but the girl should make the final say because it is her body and she deserves to make the final decision. There should be a time frame to where you can no longer have an abortion because there is a point where doctors will refuse one. I also feel there should be a limit to how many abortions you should have because i mean you really just gotta stop making the same mistake so many times

wikiuser0738 said

at 11:03 am on Apr 10, 2016

I think that parental consent shouldn't be required for abortions. It is the girl who got pregnant's choice whether or not she wants to keep the baby. When it comes to the decision of abortion, I believe that the girl should discuss with the guy the option they have for the pregnancy and come to a consensus, but if they disagree, legally I believe it should be the girl's choice because it affects her body and her life. I think it is much easier for a guy to walk away. I also don't believe there should be a limit to the number of abortions that a person can have. If someone has a lot of them, they are going to be dealing with way more moral problems than law problems.

wikiuser0733 said

at 5:43 pm on Apr 10, 2016

I agree with NJ law stating that people that are underage don't need parental consent. Mistakes happen, and it should not be up to the parents to make a decision for you. Having a kid is a huge responsibility. It's your body, it's your responsibility. I also think that there should be no limit on abortions. Again, mistakes happen. If you're not ready to have a child, DO NOT HAVE THE CHILD. It's better to not have a kid than to neglect the child of what it needs to live. Also, abuse from the parents can occur. Why would you have a huge responsibility on your hands if you aren't ready?

wikiuser0736 said

at 7:34 pm on Apr 10, 2016

I think people who are underage should not be able to have abortions without parental consent because sometimes the under aged person who rushes into having an abortion is afraid their family might react negatively to their unplanned pregnancy but this family might react differently and want to raise the child. So i think abortions should not be given to minors without parent consent for this and other reasons. As for the man having a say in the abortion, I believe the man should have at least some say in what happens, he or his family might want to raise the child. The time frame for abortions should be enforced so that the abortion goes smoothly and does not hurt the mother, a limit however I dont think is necessary because people will do abortions themselves if they feel desperate enough.

wikiuser0772 said

at 8:20 pm on Apr 10, 2016

I think abortion would remain legal without parental consent, because its the females body and she has the right to choose what she wants to do with the baby. And Males I believe should have somewhat a say in the matter because, they also contributed in making the baby, so I believe that both mother and father of the baby should have an equal say in whether they should keep the baby or not. Also for the time frame, I think there shouldn't be a limit for how many abortions you can get, because it's not completely fair for the mother.

wikiuser0731 said

at 7:14 am on Apr 11, 2016

I believe there shouldn't be any legal framing on how many times someone should get an abortion because its their choice to do as they please. And in the long run it makes you look bad. But I think that if the males should have a say in this because maybe it was just an accident. And just maybe that guy has a great life ahead of him and he knows he's not ready. I also do think that abortions should be legal without parental consent because we all know the girl doesn't want her parents to know because she knows that she will get in so much trouble and they might make her keep the child and thats something she doesn't want to do.

Naug said

at 10:05 am on Apr 11, 2016

Thank you for sharing. No credit will be given past this post.

wikiuser0735 said

at 9:28 am on Apr 13, 2016

I do believe that there still should be a parental consent if a person is having an abortion especially when she's underage. What if something happens to her after the abortion. The hospital or the utility that will perform the said surgery will not be responsible if she cant handle the pressure and pain of aborting the baby. Men should always have the responsibility or should always be responsible. Because why would they do that if they don't want anything attached or be in trouble. They are a big factor of a women having an abortion. Mostly men don't want to take the full responsibility. There should be a legal time frame because a female's body is not yet fully develop when she's young. She might got infections after the surgery. Yes there should be a limit of abortion's one should have because they don't know when they're already at risk.

wikiuser0718 said

at 8:37 pm on Apr 17, 2016

I do believe you should need parental consent because if their own parent would take care of the child then they could save a life. I dont believe men should have a say because its not their body. I think their should be a time frame because all though a life is a life, at a younger stage could make it easier. I think their should be a limit of 1 because you should be remorseful from your first one and have learned their lesson.

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