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Dharun Ravi

Page history last edited by Naug 12 years, 1 month ago


NEW BRUNSWICK — Dharun Ravi was sentenced today to a 30-day jail term for intimidation and invading the privacy of his former roommate, who later committed suicide.


The 20-year-old former Rutgers University freshman was facing 10 years.


Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman, before imposing sentence, sternly addressed Ravi after he unexpectedly chose not to address the court.


“I heard this jury say guilty 288 times, and I haven't heard you apologize once,” said Berman.


Ravi, now 20, was convicted in March of second-degree bias intimidation and invading the privacy of Tyler Clementi after using a remote webcam from the dorm room they both shared to spy on him in an intimate embrace with another man. Clementi, 18, later jumped off the George Washington Bridge.


Berman said his sentence needed to "constitute a measured response" and be "balanced."


Berman said Ravi acted not out of hate, but of “colossal insensitivity.”


“The word hate has never crossed my lips nor Ms. McClure’s,” Berman said. “This individual was not convicted of a hate crime. he was convicted of a bias crime and there's a difference. I do not believe he hated Tyler Clementi. He had no reason to. But I do believe that he acted out of colossal insensitivity."

Well, did they get it right?  30 days in jail and probation?  Should this verdict have been more severe?

Comments (21)

wikiuser0193 said

at 3:07 pm on May 21, 2012

No. They did not get this right. this surprises me, i thought he was going to get a lot

wikiuser0189 said

at 7:06 am on May 22, 2012

I think the punishment definitely should have been worse.. Spying on someone during an intimate encounter is embarrassing enough, but exposing their sexuality to others and forcing them to admit their sexual orientation before they're ready is humiliating. I feel terrible for Tyler, who saw the only solution as suicide. Someone who pushes someone to kill themself should be charged with murder. Not a month in jail and probation. That's not even bad.

wikiuser0214 said

at 8:50 am on May 22, 2012

i think he should have been a little more severe. it was humiliating. they def need help with life

wikiuser0187 said

at 6:45 pm on May 22, 2012

i think the punishment should have been much worse, i dont think they got this right, 30 days is not enough for what this kid has done ....i totally agree with @0189^

wikiuser0188 said

at 9:37 pm on May 22, 2012

I disagree with all of you. Everyone is acting as if this is a hate crime and it is not. He set up the camera in the room as a joke. It was not insensitive. The one who killed himself should not have comitted suicide. If he hadn't commited suicide then the punishment would have been more severe. I feel people are only looking at the fact that a suicide occured and not the fact that the boy was just doing it as a joke. If he wasn't gay and had sex with another woman nobody would have made a big deal at all. Did this boy deserve punishment? YES. But did he deserve more than 30 days in prison? NO.

wikiuser0201 said

at 9:36 am on May 23, 2012

It seems like it should be extremely severe. But if you think about it he didn't intend on making Tyler Clementi commit suicide. To him it may have jut been a big joke. The probation doesnt seem like its appropriate for the crime. In a sense he did commit a murder, so he got off very easily.

wikiuser0181 said

at 10:19 am on May 23, 2012

I do not think they got this right. I expected him to serve much more time in jail. The fact that he still hasnt even had the decency to apologize is unbelievable. Even if it was meant to be a joke, people need to think about what their actions towards other people can lead to.

wikiuser0200 said

at 5:07 pm on May 23, 2012

To be honest this punishment seems acceptable to me. I feel that Berman intended it to be a joke, He probably didn't know how serious this situation was. Suicide happens on a daily basis, I feel that this case is blown way out of proportion and quite frankly it's a little annoying to hear about. This is a type of bullying, everyone knows about bullying and the consequences, we've heard about it enough at school. This case is sad, but let's be logical here: the only reason people want Berman in jail longer is because truffle that they need to get revenge and make him suffer. It's sickening and if anyone had a heart they would forgive it already, everyone makes mistakes and I feel that he is innocent. Just because he didn't apologize in court does not mean he isn't sorry.

wikiuser0200 said

at 5:07 pm on May 23, 2012

They feel*

wikiuser0195 said

at 7:22 pm on May 23, 2012

Ravi deserved more than 30 days in jail and 300 community service hours. His roommate committed suicide because of him. I understand that Ravi didnt hate him but he invaded his privacey. To me it seems this Ravi kid got lucky because if I were that judge I would have gave me 5 or more years. I would like to know what made Ravi put this video on youtube? This is no joke who in their right mind sets up a camera to watch their roommate. To em it doesnt matter if your gay or straight someone is invading your privacey. This judge made a big mistake.

wikiuser0196 said

at 7:29 am on May 24, 2012

NOOOOOOO!!!! HE INVANDED TYLER'S PRIVACY AND SHOWED THE STUDENT BODY HIS INTIMACY WITH ANOTHER PERSON! many people are not open about being gay and to exploit him like that hurt him which caused him to kill himself because he couldnt deal with the humility and bulling. He should be sentences to atleast a few years because of the effect that he had on Tyler, he should pay for making someone feel that bullied and exploited, 30 days is nothing, a few years is nothing.

wikiuser0183 said

at 9:36 am on May 24, 2012

the punishment should be much more the other kid killed himself because of the bully. how is that fair he can walk around like nothing happen. i would feel horrible people always saying hey look thats the kid that made tyler kill himself

wikiuser0203 said

at 8:05 pm on May 24, 2012

No. Ravi should have been punished a lot worse. Tyler Clementi took his own life from this, Ravi should be charged with murder not just invading privacy. He should also be sent to some kind of therapy for these issues because if he could do that to one person, how many more people could he end up watching in the future?

wikiuser0191 said

at 9:34 pm on May 24, 2012

I do not think they handled it correctly. 30 days in jail will not teach someone to learn a lesson. This guy made another kid kill himself although he'll have to live with that for the rest of his life I'm positive that probation and that little amount of jail time is not accurate. People get more of a punishment for like stealing bread at walmart nevermind causing another human being to kill themself. I believe a harsher punishment is in order.

wikiuser0207 said

at 4:30 pm on May 25, 2012

No, they definitely did not get it right. The punishment should have been much more severe. I believe that he should have served all 10 years in prison. After the 10 year were served, I think that he should have gotten his US citizenship revoked. If he did something wrong in the United States he should be deported.

wikiuser0190 said

at 6:16 pm on May 25, 2012

I think that the punishment should have been a little worse than that because he invaded tyler's privacy and did it twice. He also posted it on twitter and urged his followers to watch. But on the other side, he didnt know that tyler was going to commit suicide because of that and we dont know if that was tyler's reason of committing suicide. But Ravi's action could be the push why tyler committed suicide. So he definitely deserved more than 30 days in prison as punishment.

wikiuser0209 said

at 8:27 pm on May 25, 2012

The punishment was not enough. Tyler did something morally despicable and should be punished. I don't think their should be more jail time but I think he should have to do massive volunteer work and submit formal apologies to, but not limited to, the deceased Ravi, His Parents, Boyfriend, and the gay community. I also think that Tyler should be charged with a Hate Crimebecause his lack of remorse

wikiuser0197 said

at 9:15 pm on May 25, 2012

Obviously the punishment should have been a whole lot worse then what it is. Somebody lost a life because of him, and the only punishment he gets his 30 days? Thats rediculous, and also rediculous that he cant even say sorry.

wikiuser0186 said

at 10:53 pm on May 25, 2012

i think his punishment is fine because he didnt intend for the kid to commite suicide, if tyler didnt want people to know he was gay he should of not had relations in his room and not tell his roomate.

wikiuser0194 said

at 9:55 am on May 26, 2012

I think that those punishments are fine because he never meant for his roommate to commit suicide. But I do think that he also needs to go to some sort of counseling class to understand what he did was wrong and how wrong it was. The fact the he didn't even say sorry is a huge problem. It makes me think that he doesn't fully understand/feel guilty enough about what happened to his former roommate and how he killed himself.

wikiuser0202 said

at 10:59 pm on May 26, 2012

Honestly, it may sound ignorant, but i do not know that much about this case. if he was facing 10 years but only got 30 days, then somthing does not seem right, but it is a bit absurd that he is facing the possibility of deportation. i think if criminals dont get kicked out of the country, then neither should he.

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