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Review for Final

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Health Review


·      Reproductive Organs

o  Diagrams and functions

·      HIV/AIDS

o  Modes of transmission

o  T-Cells

o  Testing Options (time frame)

·      Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

o  Bacterial vs. Viral vs. Parasitic

o  HPV vs. Syphilis

o  Modes of Transmission

·      Birth Control Methods

o  Barrier, hormonal, emergency

o  Non-oxynol – 9

o  Abstinence

o  Permanent Forms (Vasectomy/Tubal Ligation)

·      Unplanned Pregnancy

o  Options (Abortion vs. Adoption vs. Becoming a Parent)

o  RU-486

·      Dating Abuse

o  Types

o  Sexual Types

o  Abusive Cycle

·      Date Rape Drugs

o  GHB/Rohypnol

o  Decrease in memory, coordination, lowers inhibitions, coma, and death)

·      Healthy Relationships

o  Qualities of a successful relationship

o  Honesty, Equality, Responsibility, Respect, Empathy

·      Stereotypes of Genders

o  Why do they exist

o  Personal Space

o  Transgender/Gender Dysphoria

·      Binge Drinking, Alcohol, Drugs

o  What are the dangers

o  5 drinks in one sitting for men and women

o  Ecstasy – kills (lowers body’s ability to control temperature)

·      Eating Disorders

o  Body Image/Control

o  Major (anorexia, bulimia, binge and purge)




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