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Alcohol Effects

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Taken from

Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Each year, drinking by college students, ages 18-24, contributes to an estimated 1,700 student deaths, almost 600,000 injuries, almost 700,000 assaults, more than 90,000 sexual assaults, and 474,000 engaging in unprotected sex. In 2001, 2.8 million college students drove a car while under the influence of alcohol.


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wikiuser0155 said

at 3:31 pm on Mar 19, 2012

I would like to say those numbers are shocking, but honestly in today's society, they aren't. Although I wish these were false stats, it is the price we seem to pay for living in today's world. Alchohol seems to be a big part of some teens or young adults lives. Unless ways are changed and less alchohol is consumed, it is sad to say these statistics may never go down-- or worse- to up.

wikiuser0134 said

at 9:36 pm on Mar 19, 2012

I find these statistics impacting yet not surprising. The population of college students is very high and because of that drinking numbers will be high. And therefore will ultimately end up in something along the lines of this.

wikiuser0121 said

at 7:18 pm on Mar 20, 2012

These numbers are huge, closing on millions effected per year. Its also very scary that 2.8 million drove under the influence, at least 2.8 million reported so maybe more, giving rise to 2.8 million possible accidents and people effected.

wikiuser0180 said

at 7:24 pm on Mar 20, 2012

I am not surprised at all by these stats. If it contained the amount of binge drinking too the numbers would be even higher. Overall though I am saddened by the amount of assaults and a little ashamed to be in this age group and how they handle alcohol.

wikiuser0162 said

at 10:50 am on Mar 21, 2012

I think these statistics are very scary and should be brought down quickly. Especially the driving after drinking because it affects other people on the road. However we can not control what people do on their own time and make their decisions for them.

wikiuser0136 said

at 11:58 am on Mar 21, 2012

To some these seem like just numbers but when you really think about them; it can hit you hard. 2.8 million colleges student drove a car while under the influence of alchol. That 2.8 million times that other lives were in danger. When we make the decision to drink, were not just putting ourselves at risk but others that we ought to forget. All of these numbers would decrease if we were more responsible. Honestly, no matter what anyone says, college kids will always drink but its the lack of education that we might have to step up. These numbers are distrubing.

wikiuser0126 said

at 12:12 pm on Mar 21, 2012

Those numbers are insane. I mean i know that college kids drink but i didnt that all those numbers were so high. 2.8 million people driving thats just crazy. What makes someone want to drive while drinking is so stupid. I hope that people realize that its terrible and these numbers go down!

wikiuser0141 said

at 2:39 pm on Mar 21, 2012

I am surprised at the number of teenagers that die each year from alcohol. At this age, they should have had ample knowledge of what to do and not to do when drinking alcohol. Most of those deaths were probably for stupid reasons and they did not heed to the warnings. I am not surprised though about the number of assaults, unprotected sex, and injuries. Most people drink to put their troubles behind them, meaning they are usually sad or angry when they drink. Alcohol amplifies those emotions which causes all those injuries and assaults. As for unprotected sex, our mind is not in the right place to make right decision when we are induced with alcohol.

wikiuser0160 said

at 8:10 pm on Mar 21, 2012

These numbers are shocking and disturbing but at the same time, they are not very suprising. In college there is next to zero adult supervision so its up to that person to make the right decisions but once alcohol gets involved, you're decision making goes way down. That can lead to driving while intoxicated and also unprotected sex. The 2.8 million drunk drivers disgust me as well because not only are you putting yourself in danger, you are putting everyone around you in danger as well.

wikiuser0129 said

at 8:16 pm on Mar 21, 2012

The statistics are very shocking and young adult should start thinking more responsible and not becoming one of these statistics.

wikiuser0179 said

at 8:47 pm on Mar 21, 2012

The statistics don't lie and people need to make better decisions with their actions so they do not end up ruining the rest of their lives. But most people start by putting themselves in situations where this could happen.

wikiuser0149 said

at 9:12 pm on Mar 21, 2012

These statistics are shocking but there are a lot of people in the world. It makes a lot of sense to me that many people are invoved in this because people tend to forget the meaning of personal reponsiblity. They put fun and good times before safety and responsibility and then they end up in harms way, or worse, dead. I ask myself daily when will people ever wake up and learn.

wikiuser0125 said

at 9:16 am on Mar 22, 2012

These statistics are very suprising but at the same time your can belive its true. I also belive that the statistics are not going to go down becuse every year there are new students entering a whole new world. Alcohol is always goin to be around and it will always be in issue. All you can do for your self is think about the pros and cons of a situation and pick whats best that will not hurt you.

wikiuser0151 said

at 9:19 am on Mar 22, 2012

In my opinion those numbers will rise in the next couple of years by a substantial amount, as a high school student who is alcohol and drug free i notice how many of my peers are not drug or alcohol free. It's pretty scary how many kids do especially the younger generation, I dont know what is going on with kids these days but those statistics will be nothing within the next ten years.

wikiuser0127 said

at 12:40 pm on Mar 22, 2012

In my opinon i am not at all surprised by these statistics about alcohol. If you think these statistics are surprising im and very sure that they are going to go up. Younger and younger generations are beginning to participate in activities that include alcohol and will definetly add to these statistics.

wikiuser0130 said

at 1:41 pm on Mar 22, 2012

It isnt surprising these numbers are so high because of alcohol's ability to take away ones common sense. it makes people do things they would never normally do and brings out peoples worst demons.

wikiuser0164 said

at 2:07 pm on Mar 22, 2012

I think these statistics are very scary but true i have personally watched a family member go through alcohol abuse it really is a scary thing people don't know when to stop . i feel that the reason why the numbers are so high is because there are not enough rules against it .

wikiuser0123 said

at 2:36 pm on Mar 22, 2012

Its scary to think that those numbers are so high, but it isn't as shocking as it should be. I feel like we hear about it so much that we are becoming desensitized to the affect alcohol can have. Under the influence many people aren't thinking about the consequences their actions may have.

wikiuser0152 said

at 6:32 pm on Mar 22, 2012

I wish I could say that I was shocked by the statistics but in today's society, I really don't find it to be too outrageous. From my own experiences and experiences from others that I know, this actually seems pretty typical. It's unfortunate that teens have begun to act this way, but the way the trends are going it doesn't look like it will be slowing down.

wikiuser0157 said

at 6:52 pm on Mar 22, 2012

not really suprised by these statistics. but think about all the people that drink in high school, and when we drink on the weekends we go into school on monday and everyone is talking about the crazy party last weekend or something stupid someone did while drunk; it happens almost every weekend with one group of friends or another. people hear about it and would rather choose to drink in college rather than drink in high school because drinking in high school has more repercusions if caught, but the perople that were already drinking in high school will continue to drink. people should learn to control themselves when they drink.

wikiuser0140 said

at 8:52 pm on Mar 22, 2012

honestly, not very suprised by these statistics. I realize that the numbers are staggeringly tremendous but today it seems to be sort of socially excepttable to drink a lot. The effects of drinking in excess have been shown to us year after year so i know what drinknig can lead to so the extra statistics seem to come naturally. None of the cnumbers come as a real shock to me which should actually alarm older generations.

wikiuser0131 said

at 6:00 pm on Mar 23, 2012

Im not surprised at all by these statistics. When you go to college you start to go to parties and drink because your by yourself and you never think about the consequences that drinking brings to you. Especially that when the party ends and you have to drive home and you cant think properly because your drunk. That statistic also was back in 2001 hopefully it has lowered a lot now.

wikiuser0159 said

at 8:52 pm on Mar 23, 2012

To me, these statistics are simply just that. Statistics. While they may or may not be right, giving me a number isn't going to show the reality.
If they are true, then it's quite scary that so many problems arise from things that could have been easily avoided with a bit of common sense.
If you decided to drink 5 beers, suck it up and sleep in your car. I don't care if your cold or tired, you made a choice. Now if you want to endanger others lives with your stupidity, you deserve absolutely no pity.

wikiuser0145 said

at 8:54 pm on Mar 23, 2012

I am deeply disturbed by these stats but I damn well know that these could be understatements. People do stupid things, even dumber things when they are drunk. My parents constantly tell me "if you ever feel that you need a ride, don't drive, call me. yet they drive when they have been drinking sometimes.And those are my responsible parents, not some irresponsible teenagers, so I would expect them to act really stupidly while intoxicated.

wikiuser0122 said

at 9:00 pm on Mar 23, 2012

It's really sad to see so many people who are just about to begin their real life to just throw it all away because they want to enjoy themselves like that. They sort of ruin it for others because they are worrying parents and other kids who just want to live their lives the way they want to without worrying about getting into a car accident from a drunk. People really shouldn't throw their lives away like this, there's so much more to do then just waste your time drinking, go read a book.

wikiuser0124 said

at 9:43 pm on Mar 23, 2012

The statistics above are indeed quite shocking, being that the age to legally become an adult is 18, I think that these students should not be labeled as such. With such irresponsibility, they can hardly be labeled as an adult.

wikiuser0146 said

at 10:04 pm on Mar 23, 2012

im not surprised because college kids drink way too much.They think there ivinsible and that nothing can kill thm. If they dont care what they put in their system what makes you think that there really going to pay attention to thier surroundings or the people they hurt. They really need to control themselves. I feel like they should be educated more and reminded all the time that drinking tons of alcohol is really bad.

wikiuser0142 said

at 10:32 pm on Mar 23, 2012

These numbers are scary. Although I am not surprised at all, these numbers really do scare me. Although I know how to be responsible for myself and try my hardest to protect myself at all times, I can't control others or what they do. It's not shocking to me at all, just scary. I think it is information that should be known by teenagers to help them understand the true effects of alcohol, etc.

wikiuser0139 said

at 10:42 pm on Mar 23, 2012

these statistics prove that drinking shouldn't be as much of a recreational activity as it has become, especially among college students. obviously, this a problem that won't end anytime soon, but these students should learn from these statistics, so that they know not to take in so much alcohol to the point where their decision making skills are impaired.

wikiuser0138 said

at 10:51 pm on Mar 23, 2012

These statistics aren't necessairly shocking. I would say it's just sad that those numbers are so high, and that they continue to rise. You would think that people would see these statistics and not do the same thing. Yet these numbers are constantly rising in todays society. Teens need to learn that alcohol isn't something they can escape to when something goes wrong, or when they need to celebrate something. It is specifically sold to adults because only adults 18 and over are able to conclude that alcohol can cause a lot of problems.

wikiuser0175 said

at 8:07 pm on Mar 25, 2012

i would like to say these statistics are shocking but im not surprised, with the number of college students who drink and the environment they are in, you would wish things like that wouldn't happen but they do, i just hope things start to change.

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