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HIV Vaccine

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Researchers Closer Now to HIV Vaccine Than Ever Before.pdf


How can we stop the spread of this virus (and don't just say by using condoms)?  What do you think about the increase of cost for the medication Daraprim (more info on link below)?











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wikiuser0753 said

at 8:21 pm on Feb 18, 2016

There are many different ways to prevent the spreading of HIV. The most effective way is of course abstinence, which will keep you safe from any disease. However, refraining from sex forever is highly unlikely. Another way to stop the spreading of HIV are latex condoms. Both you and your partner should get tested regularly in order to stay protected. Reducing your intake of drugs and alcohol can prevent you from doing something that may cause you to obtain the disease while you are drunk or high. Making sure you use clean needles will keep you safe from infected blood or infections on the needles.
I think that the increase in the drug Daraprim is very drastic. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS and this pill which will make someone infected with the disease rising from $13.50 to $750 is ridiculous. I think that the person who made the pill knew that they could make a ton of money off of this and decided to increase the price immensely.

wikiuser0714 said

at 9:18 pm on Feb 18, 2016

I believe the best way to stop the spread of the HIV virus is through education. Being educated about the virus, how it is contracted and how it can be prevented, can help people be aware of how dangerous it truly is. It is also important for people know the importance of getting tested. Knowing your status is crucial to protecting your health as well as other partners you may have. Knowing your status can also give you the ability to be properly medicated as soon as possible if you are infected with the virus. This can also stop the spread of the virus because if you are aware you are HIV+, you can take the necessary precautions before engaging in sexual activity, and your partner can be aware the risk they're at. Using male or female condoms is also a easy and effective away to stop the spread of disease and other ways to prevent the spread of the virus are safe blood transfusion and women being aware of their status before breastfeeding their children. Although, abstinence is obviously the most effective way to guarantee you will not be infected with the HIV virus. I think the increase cost of the drug Daraprim is absolutely ridiculous. I believe medication should be made affordable for whoever needs it and the creator of the drug raising the price by an overwhelming amount seems unfair and greedy. This gives only the extremely wealthy a chance to live a somewhat normal and manageable life with HIV. This is especially unfair towards those who are already relying on the medication for survival and cannot meet the new price. To receive the chance to be treated and to extend your life expectancy and then have it ripped away from you for economical purposes seems completely inhumane.

wikiuser0731 said

at 10:30 pm on Feb 18, 2016

There are many ways to stop the spread on the HIV virus, A couple ways could be to obviously use condoms and another way could be to be abstinent. Being abstinent would prevent you from getting the virus 100% and it keeps you calm because you won't have to worry about it and weather you have it or not. You and your partner should get tested just to make sure that nobody has anything and that you guys are both clean. Making sure that you minimize your intake on drugs and alcohol can also help because it will restrict you from doing something stupid and then regretting it later on.
The increase in this drug is unnecessary and not fair to many people. I understand the fact that you can make money out of it but you cant just change the price from $13.50 to $750. There are many people out there that have the disease and are innocent people and they can't be helped because of the price. It just seems like a complete scam at this point.

wikiuser0745 said

at 11:18 pm on Feb 18, 2016

i do not think you can stop the virus completely (unless a cure is found) because there is no way to get all people to get monthly checkups, wear condoms, not re-use needles or be abstinent, because that's just unrealistic expectations. Many people dont like using condoms and almost everyone is fixated on the thought that it could never be them. Also millions dont have access to doctors, especially in Africa where the disease is most prevalent. so the only way to stop HIV completely is a cure or vaccination.
As for Daraprim's rise in cost, i understand they wanted to research and develop a better version of the drug, but who relly knows if thats actually what they were doing with that money, but going from 13.50 per pill to 750$ per pill is ridiculous. Theyre are deffinatly other ways to raise money to this cause other than costing many sick people their lives because they couldn't afford this pill

wikiuser0719 said

at 6:57 am on Feb 19, 2016

There are ways to stop the HIV virus but not to fully cure you from having it. One way to stop it is do not share drug injection equipment and use condoms when sexual active. The best way to avoid getting HIV is if you be abstinence (not having sex) because you are not having unsafe sex with a person and having that chance of getting HIV. If people are not sure that they have HIV after sex then they should get tested for it to make sure if they have it. If the first test comes up negative or postive they should keep getting tested until they keep getting the same result. HIV can be transmitted by blood so becareful when you are helping someone that is bleeding you should protect any cuts or wounds on your body because you don't want to transmit HIV virus though blood. I think if more people follow these steps then they will not have that increased chance of getting HIV virus but they should still get tested to make sure they don't have it.

wikiuser0756 said

at 10:34 am on Feb 19, 2016

I believe that the most effective way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, is to have people become more aware and be educated in what ways you can be infected. Urging people to be abstinent won't be as effective as educating them on how to be safe, and learning about different types of condoms and learning the method on how to be tested correctly will be sure to cause a drop in the spread of this disease. I think the increase on Daraprim is absurd and completely unethical. That drug has the power to save those infected with HIV, but for personal gain and money, they increased the price just to satisfy their greed. It should be illegal and I'm glad that another pharmaceutical company has made a similar drug that is actually affordable.

wikiuser0717 said

at 10:37 am on Feb 19, 2016

The ways in preventing the virus are plentiful, like getting tested, educate yourself, avoid drugs, be abstinent, use good condoms, etc. But while the ways of preventing are plentiful, there is only one drug for fighting against it. The people who made the Daraprim obviously saw what they had, and how much people would want it. They first started at "opportunity" but unfortunately crossed the nearly invisible line into "Greedsvile". Unfortunately the only way of stopping the virus altogether is to stay safe, and wait for several generations to pass, and maybe then, the virus can be gone forever.

wikiuser0748 said

at 10:59 am on Feb 19, 2016

There are many ways that HIV is transmitted some being infected blood, seminal fluid, vaginal secretion, and pregnant mother/breastmilk. The best way to prevent it that is guaranteed to work is abstinence. Another way to prevent the transfer of HIV is to use latex condoms. Other factors such as drugs and alcohol can be limited which will also decrease the chance of HIV. Limiting partners is also another way to decrease the change of getting HIV as you are exposing yourself to less people.
I see the price increase of the medication Daraprim as greedy more than anything. If I were in that scenario of paying $750 per pill, I wouldn't. I see the increase of the price as greedy more than anything even though the company says that it is a unselfish movement.

wikiuser0751 said

at 1:12 pm on Feb 19, 2016

Because there are many ways that HIV is spread, there are many different ways to prevent its spread. Obviously while wearing latex condoms can help someone from coming in contact with infected seminal fluid or infected vaginal secretions, one can still contract HIV through blood-to-blood contact. The easiest way is to abstain from sex, however, not everyone is willing to do so. Ultimately, the best way to prevent contracting and spreading this disease is through becoming educated and regularly getting tested if someone is sexually active. This way, if someone does have the disease, and are educated in the many ways it is passed from individual to individual, the person can make educated decisions on if they are still willing to engage in sex, and if they choose to do so are able to take precautions. In addition to this, mothers who know they have HIV will not breast feed their child and risk passing it this way if they are negative for HIV.

I've read about the increase in Daraprim and did a current event on it recently. Since this article was published, the owner of the drug has since been pressured to lower the price back to what it was. However, I think this is not only an issue of greed but corruption. The price gauging of life saving drugs is a political issue. If the government was able to somehow take companies out of the business of selling pharmaceuticals, or had legislation to prevent the hiking of prices, every person who needed this drug would have access to it. The increased price of $750 a pill makes it inaccessible to average people, creates issues with insurance companies, and also actually gives more money to these greedy pharmaceutical companies by keeping these sick people sicker.

wikiuser0771 said

at 1:26 pm on Feb 19, 2016

we can stop the spread of this virus by education and maybe passing a law that all adults be tested every year or so to slow the spread and have people be more aware if they have it or not . the thing about the medicine going from like 13 to 750 somthing is ridiculous but then again i think healthcare should be free but that would mean higher taxes so that's not gonna happen also don't have sex and if you do both you and your partner should go get tested before you do this might not work tho seeing is how it might not show up for a while in some cases but back to the testing law thing this can also save many people who don't even know they have it yet .

wikiuser0767 said

at 3:08 pm on Feb 19, 2016

The best way to prevent the spread of HIV is to practice abstinence. Other ways are getting you and your partner tested, using a latex condom, and just being cautious and educated about it. The enormous spike in the price of the drug Daraprim is completely ridiculous and greedy. Yes, if you own a company, you do have the right to determine prices but not if the product and price you are selling at, causes harm and extreme expense of others. For instance, if you own a clothing line and you want to make the price of your shirt $750 then you can do that, because no one really NEEDS that shirt, but if you make one pill, that is NEEDED by MANY people to survive, cost $750, then that is never okay. I find it complete BS how this guy claims he is using the money for research because he could have just increased the price by a small amount which would still get him a lot more money. He is clearly just greedy and it is very unfortunate that there are people like him in this world. It is absolute corruption and it should not be legal to do.

wikiuser0773 said

at 5:32 pm on Feb 19, 2016

Obviously , using a condom could be a way of preventing HIV. However, there are other way like making sure you get tested if know you have had sex with someone. Also making sure and asking the person you will be with if they've had any sexual history. As well as educating yourself of how you are able to prevent getting HIV. Daraprim is being inconsiderate of many people that will not be able to afford it. All he is thinking is the money and not really the people. I feel like people like this, that are greedy and are not really out to help other and just themselves. People like that shouldnt be put in this kind of business because overall it is a company/business and we live in a society that we can control those kinds of things. Its really sad that this is happening to these people that are so depended on his drug to stay alive.

wikiuser0772 said

at 6:49 pm on Feb 19, 2016

We can stop the spread of this virus, by first educating ourselves of this virus, and understanding what this virus can cause. Another way is using latex condoms, and just being careful about using it. Abstinence can also work in preventing the spread of this virus. Also minimizing the amount of partners, and asking them their sexual history. It's also crucial to first get tested, and also your current partner, because this can prevent any health issues and any further damage to yourself and your partner. Furthermore I think that the cost of Daraprim is just outrageous and not fair for many people with this virus. Increasing the cost of Daraprim to $750 per pill is just going to cause many issues and problems.

wikiuser0747 said

at 6:53 pm on Feb 19, 2016

There are many ways to prevent the spread of the HIV virus. The most important thing to do first is educate yourself. The more you know about the virus, the more cautious you will be. You also need to constantly check your own status and have your partner do the same thing so you both know where you stand. Limiting your partners is also essential just to lessen the risk of being exposed to the virus. Other good things to do would be to limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can make a person do things they wouldn't normally do, things like having a one night stand which can be very dangerous. The most effective thing to do would be to remain abstinent since it is a guaranty that you would not contract anything.
As for the increase of costs, it makes it seems as if they don't want people to get treated. Why make it harder for someone to obtain it? This just shows that nothing is being done to make it easier to get rid of the HIV virus for good.

wikiuser0746 said

at 7:18 pm on Feb 19, 2016

Protecting yourself from the HIV virus can be easy practice safe sex, know your status, and your best 100% way to prevent is abstinence. HIV is a two way street you cant think your status is okay because you have only slept with one person all it takes is one time. You would also think with the technology we have today people would take advantage of the resources we have to prevent. The high price for this drug isn't fair. Some people are just unlucky and make unsmart choices I do not understand why people in the world are out to make a profit on something that can save lives? I as person wouldn't be able to sleep at night if i knew there was a solution to such a horrible virus BUT the person couldn't afford the medicine. Also, in my mind this is a medicine that people are taking to stay alive.

wikiuser0739 said

at 8:00 pm on Feb 19, 2016

You can pervent the hiv/aids in many ways the first is get tested monthly, practice safe sex. You can also be abstinence and not have sex and don't share needles. With the technology we have I don't know how there is not a cure yet but the more money you have the better treatment will be. When people have it they really don't know what to think because they will most likely have it for the rest of there lives and they know they can't do much from that point on but so people don't know they have it and spread it to others.

wikiuser0716 said

at 8:18 pm on Feb 19, 2016

We can stop the spread of the HIV virus in a couple of different ways. Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing HIV/AIDS and other complications. If someone is sexually active it's always a good idea to use a condom. Latex condoms are usually the way to go but iff someone is allergic to latex, Polyisoprene condoms will protect you from the infection. The virus can be spread by infected needles, infected semen, infected vaginal fluids & infected breast milk. It's important for people to be educated on HIV/AIDS. It's also very important to get tested every couple of months if an individual is or was with multiple partners. You can get checked by your primary doctor or even checked at a clinic anonymously. I hope that one day we have the tools to find some sort of cure against HIV/AIDS. I cannot believe that Martin Shkreli raised the price of Daraprim. Some people do not have the financial funds to afford that medication, it is absolutely disgusting that someone would do that.

wikiuser0722 said

at 9:55 pm on Feb 19, 2016

We can stop the spread of the HIV virus through bone marrow transplants from those immune to the virus, clean needle programs, safe blood transfusions, practicing safe sex, and abstinence. I think the increase in cost for the medicine Darapram is cruel and greedy, although probably a smart business decision, to value money over human lives is sick.

wikiuser0757 said

at 10:04 pm on Feb 19, 2016

One of the many ways to stop the spread of HIV is to make sure that everyone is educated about the HIV virus. This way people can understand how they can contract and spread the disease. By educating people they can also understand the symptoms and signs that HIV causes and they will know where to go to get tested. Of course abstinence is the only way to prevent the disease from spreading but if you and your partner are planning to have sex it is a good idea for both of you to get tested. As for the increase of the cost for the medication Daraprim I felt that was very unfair. For one pill to increase by that much was unbelievable. They say the extra money is being used for research but I still feeI the price went up way too much. Someone who is looking to use this pill may not have enough money to continuously pay that much for the medication. I feel it is very unfair to deny people this medication they have been relying on for so long by increasing the price by that much.

wikiuser0759 said

at 10:10 pm on Feb 19, 2016

There are many ways to stop the spread of the HIV Virus and AIDS. For instance, people can reduce their risk of contracting it by doing things such as getting tested frequently and knowing the tested status of their partner. Another obvious precaution is that you can limit your number of sexual partners and to not inject drugs and share needles. Another extreme precaution can be to avoid the consumption of alcohol, because being inebriated can cause you to do things that you would not normally do. Additionally, I think that the increase in the cost of Daraprim is unbelivably sickening. In my opinion, it is unfair that the more powerful (meaning wealthier) people in the country and the world can control serious things like this. It is not fair at all to value their profit over actual human lives.

wikiuser0755 said

at 10:27 pm on Feb 19, 2016

There are a lot of ways to stop the spread of HIV, besides using condoms. For example, don't have sex at all until you're ready and with the right partner. Also, that isn't discussed as much, HIV can be potentially cured, or at least slowed down, with the use of stem cells. Embryonic stem cells to be exact. The stem cells would replace the infected cells. There's a better scientific explanation to this but the idea and understanding it is there. Also the increase of the price of Daraprim is terrible because people with this disease need to take this medication to help them, and making this price so unbelievably high isn't being productive at all, in fact it is counterproductive. Why find a cure if no one can afford it?

wikiuser0736 said

at 11:14 pm on Feb 19, 2016

The most obvious way to remain Hiv free is to be abstinent. However, most people aren't and therefore use other forms of HIV prevention, such as condoms etc. additionally, it's a good idea to try to have fewer partners as bouncing around from person to person will increase your chance of acquiring hiv immensely. On top of this make sure to get tested as often as possible or if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus to prevent the further spread of this deadly virus. New medication/vaccines are always being tested and created for the HIV virus and although the price of these things has gone up drastically if you found yourself diagnosed with the HIV virus money wouldn't be a second thought for you.

wikiuser0765 said

at 11:26 pm on Feb 19, 2016

I do not think we can fully stop the spreading of this virus. Even if we refrained from sex, became educated, and protected ourselves to an extent, all it takes is one partner who is unknowingly infected. There are different people who approach dating, relationships, and even sex alone, in different ways. Not everyone will want to further their education or take precautions when preforming intercourse. Some people just dont have the luxury of condoms, testing or birth control. Some people dont even have a choice of intercourse. There are only ways of prevention, and there are only a select portion of the world who will take a part in the prevention of HIV. I believe medication should be made affordable for whoever needs it regardless of their gender, status, race or situation. It's a necessity for people with HIV, therefore should be made obtainable. If there are people in the world who do not have the luxury of even condoms or safe, consented sex, there should not be any financial struggle for those in situations like this one. To make a life saving medication worth more than one's income, is basically killing them. Money is not worth millions of lives.

wikiuser0735 said

at 11:45 pm on Feb 19, 2016

We can stop spreading the virus by being responsible of who are we going to have intercourse with by having them regularly checked by the doctors, this includes ourselves too. Also, using contraceptives may work as well. It may not be 100% sure that it can prevent you from having it, but there's a lower chance that you are going to have it. Going to parties is a fun thing, if you know to yourself that you're drinking and getting drunk be sure to have your friends with you so that they can guide or protect you from the people who can take advantage of your situation. Having sex is fun especially if you have alcohol in your system but be sure that you are aware of what you're getting into. In my opinion, the increase of the cost of the pill is not right. You are not helping the patients. Instead you're giving them more problem because they need to earn more money than usual just to buy the pill and just to survive.

wikiuser0754 said

at 11:52 pm on Feb 19, 2016

Unless we find a cure, I don't think we will ever completely stop the spreading of the HIV virus. A few easy ways to lessen the risk of acquiring the virus is to just play it smart, use a condom and ask your partner if they have any type of STDs because even if they don't have HIV/AIDS, they can still have other infections like syphilis, or gonorrhea which is risky business for you as well. Abstinence is the only true way to prevent the spread of HIV. You and your partner should know your status of whether or not you have any STDs by regularly being tested by a trained doctor depending on your sexual activity. Medication to treat symptoms of HIV/AIDs is way overpriced, however, there was so much research and development put into these medicines that it takes a while to pay back the labs for initial cost. Still, that is no good reason for the meds to be unobtainable for the common HIV victim. Most people affected by HIV will go to all ends to pay for medication because it is really needed to survive, even if they have to work 3 jobs.

wikiuser0738 said

at 11:58 pm on Feb 19, 2016

I think that any medicine that has the ability to cure or reduce the risk of HIV/ AIDS should be reasonably priced so that it is accessible to the majority of the population. Changing the price of Darapeim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. There is no reason for the pill to jump that much in price. If it worked at $13 its going to work the same way at $750. To me, the doctors are looking to make more money and scam people. There are other ways to prevent HIV/ AIDS if you don’t have the large amount of money it takes to buy Darapeim. Certain injections blocks the enzyme from entering the blood stream, but do not always work. It targets a mutation linked to the T- cells that cause the virus. Clean needle program & safe blood transfusions are easy ways to decrease susceptibility to the virus.

wikiuser0762 said

at 11:09 am on Feb 20, 2016

We could stop the spread of the virus by continuing to educate society in the risks and dangers of HIV/AIDs and the ways in which it is contracted. This foresight would allow society as a whole to gain more knowledge on the virus and hopefully one day cure it. Also, I believe that scientists and doctors should continue doing research on the virus pertaining to its chemical makeup, its strengths and weaknesses and hopefully find a cure. The recent increase in the cost of the drug daraprim I believe is disgusting as a CEO of a pharmaceutical company, Martin Shkreli, decided to raise the price of the drug significantly higher. I believe that when an issue starts affecting a great amount of the worlds population and continues to occur over the years, that the victims should be able to get there medications at a fair price.

wikiuser0752 said

at 5:37 pm on Feb 20, 2016

We can stop the spread of the HIV virus in a multitude of ways. I think the most important factor into stopping the spread is not just using protection, but having the knowledge of whether the person you are sleeping with is infected or not. The same goes for serious wounds. If one needs a blood transfusion, it is very important not to only get the right blood type but to make sure that the person transmitting the blood has been tested for HIV. And if they haven't but are unsure because they've had sex with multiple people, to get tested and wait one year before even giving blood because sometimes it can take up to one year for results to confirm. On the raising of the cost of daraprim, I think it's ridiculous because a lot of people who have contracted the disease cannot afford it and they need it in order to prolong a healthier life.

wikiuser0749 said

at 2:40 pm on Feb 21, 2016

I think all people should use condoms or practice some sort of safe sex. For we all practice safe sex less people will have AIDS or hiv. I don't think they should have increased the price of the medicine. I think they should have lowered it

wikiuser0721 said

at 8:02 pm on Feb 21, 2016

There are multiple ways to prevent getting HIV and AIDS virus. One way is pretty obvious, practice abstinence meaning don't have sex until marriage and make sure your partner is tested. Another way is to use protection during sex. One should always get tested if they're having unprotected sex to make sure you haven't contracted the virus. I think that the increased cost for medication is ridiculous and in humane, pricing medication that an average person wouldn't be able afford.

wikiuser0770 said

at 9:15 pm on Feb 21, 2016

We can stop the spread of the HIV virus by continuing to research and come up with new forms of treatment. People must also be more responsible by having safe sex or practice abstinence. One must also get tested as often as possible so if they are infected, doctors will be able to catch it early. The raised price on the medicine is absurd. Not because it was raised, but the drastic difference frim the original price.

wikiuser0729 said

at 9:20 pm on Feb 21, 2016

You could stop the spread of HIV viruses by making people more aware of the dangers. Also I don't understand why the price would go up so much per pill. People who need said pills most likely have other medical bills due to being so vulnerable to other illnesses. If you don't want to receive AIDS or any other STDs then always ask before you have sex with someone and get yourself tested every few months to make sure. Also always try to stay protected, birth control only stops pregnancy's.

wikiuser0741 said

at 10:10 pm on Feb 21, 2016

I think if HIV tests were available during yearly check ups, more of the population would be willing to take them. There are probably thousands, if not millions, of people walking around not knowing that they are in fact HIV positive. If they were more accessible and ready to go, I truly think that more people would know their status and be aware of the harm they could bring upon others. The increase in cost of Daraprim is ridiculous. I understand that the cost can help with further research and the prevention of HIV however, people are dying of this disease and by increasing the cost less people are able to afford it. Those who are infected and can't afford it are then presented with the hard fact that they will have to suffer without help of medication.

wikiuser0718 said

at 10:23 pm on Feb 21, 2016

People can stop the spread of HIV in numerous ways as long as they are continuously educated. The more people know about the severity of the virus and all the ways they can contract it, the smarter they can be with their actions. Getting tested frequently and knowing who you're with are the simplest of ways to stay safe. The increase in price for the pill is shameful, its sad to think that money seems to be more important than the health of others.

wikiuser0720 said

at 10:39 pm on Feb 21, 2016

I don't think you can eradicate HIV without a cure. People will continue to put themselves at risk for the virus. Educating the masses is a good way to make people see this disease and try to prevent it, but i don'tn think it will totally get rid of it. The government should also try to help by giving people access to drugs that are lower prices. There is no reason to have very expensive drugs, the drug is cheap to make and it is just greed to raise it that high. It should be illegal and considered price gouging.

wikiuser0743 said

at 7:56 am on Feb 22, 2016

There are no ways to cure HIV and aids although their are ways to prevent it. Some ways to prevent HIV and Aids are use a condom every time you have sex, Tell your partners if you have Hiv before sex, Limit your number of sexual partners, and get tested frequently. I think the increased price of this medication is bad I think its bad because people are more likely not to buy it because the prices are too high for the average person now and no one will be able to afford it. Its upsetting that people won't be able to afford it because they are suffering from this disease and they will never be able to be cured. They should lower the prices.

Naug said

at 10:44 am on Feb 22, 2016

Thank you for your well thought out opinions. PharmaBro is not all too popular because of these changes.

No credit will be given after this post. Thank you.

wikiuser0727 said

at 6:48 am on Mar 22, 2016

Increasing the cost of any medication wont stop anybody from getting there hands on it. There isnt any cure for aids but there are ways you can prevent yourself from getting it. The least you can do is use a condom every time you have sex.

Naug said

at 11:37 am on Sep 19, 2016

Add a comment.

wikiuser0778 said

at 7:02 pm on Sep 23, 2016

Ways to prevent yourself from HIV would be too have trust in your partner(s) and no for a fact they're HIV free. In other words, make sure they get a test done before being sexually active. Limiting your sexual partners and being cautious could try and help you prevent getting it, but not always stop it. If every single person were to be educated about HIV and aids I feel less people would have it. Even though it wouldn't necessarily stop it. It would not always prevent it, but the numbers would possibly decrease. Always use condoms and always be honest. If you have HIV and are too ashamed to tell your partner they shouldn't even be your partner.
I think the the increase of the drug, Daraprim is ridiculous. People don't use it for the fun of it nor want to spend $750 per pill. They're used because they are in pain and in dire need of something to stop the pain. How are government is running now a days I'm not surprised the company PharmaBro got away with it.

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